�The Kollel is the crown jewel of our community!

- Saul Blinkoff

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Merkaz Hatorah Community Kollel, situated in the Pico Robertson � Beverly Hills area, began functioning in the summer of 2007 (Elul 5767). Today the Kollel has 12 Fellows under the guidance of the Rosh Kollel Rabbi Boruch Yehuda Gradon and the Rosh Chaburah Rabbi Doniel Danishefsky.

The purpose of the Kollel is twofold. First and foremost to provide an environment of intense learning and study that will afford its members the opportunity to develop into accomplished Torah scholars who will in turn be able to take positions in leadership and education.

Secondly the Kollel is to serve as a Makom Torah for the community. A place where people will feel comfortable to come in and join a Shiur, learn B'Chevrusa with one of the Fellows or simply sit by themselves and benefit from the Torah inspired atmosphere. In addition the Kollel creates Shiurim and learning opportunities throughout the Community such as our Sunday morning Beis Medrash Programme in Young Israel of Century City and lunch time Shiurim in different local offices.

We hope you will come and join us.


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