Merkaz HaBayis

Women's Learning Division

Timeless WIsdom, Tools and Guidance

Chochmas Nashim Bansa Baysa (Mishlei 14:1)

For nearly a decade, Merkaz HaBayis Women’s Learning Division of Merkaz HaTorah Kollel has been empowering LA women with timeless wisdom, tools and guidance to build Torah true homes across the community.

Our approach centers around our trademark chaburos, curated, targeted growth groups, which we believe provide the best environment for women to ask questions, be supported and grow.  These chaburos are conceived to address the stated needs of our participants, their shared challenges ultimately becoming springboards for growth and learning.  The goal is clear – to nurture and inspire the women of our community, and infuse their homes with meaning, purpose, serenity and joy.

In addition to our private chaburos, Merkaz HaBayis offers various shiurim to the community at large, including a weekly Halacha class, as well as Hashkafa shiurim and pre-holiday inspiration throughout the year.  

Please see the calendar below for a glimpse of our monthly curriculum.  If you would be interested in attending our community classes, or would like to start your own chabura under the auspices of Merkaz HaBayis, please contact Mrs. Sarah Gertel at [email protected].  We look forward to being in touch with you!

Programs & Offerings

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Binyan HaBayis Monthly Growth Groups

Practical tools and inspiration for young Jewish wives and mothers

Drawing mothers from all segments of the community (Yeshiva day school upbringing, Ba’al Teshuva, FFB) learning and growing side by side, the Binyan Habayis monthly sessions focus on topics including character development, relationship/marriage skills, parenting, general life planning and goal setting.


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Merkaz-Hillel Girls Chesed Committee

Imparting a spirit of areivus to the next generation

With an eye to teaching the value of community responsibility and giving back to the previous generation, Merkaz HaBayis has teamed up with Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy’s fifth and sixth grade girls in a bar-none duo for local and regional chesed projects, including Challah baking, assembling mishloach manos care packages for hospital patients, bikur cholim and more.

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Halacha in the Home Series

Learning for daily living

Every Monday morning a group of dedicated and growth-focused women join Rabbi Aryeh Adler, Posek of the Merkaz Hatorah Kollel, at a Beverlywood home for an in-depth journey following the Halachic process from inception to application on relevant topics.

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Merkaz Millenials

Events, shiurim and mentoring for post-high-school women

Following 12+ years of immersion in a safe and structured environment, post high school millenials face critical life decisions as they approach careers and dating.  Additionally, they are often thrust into secular environments with daily complex moral and halachic challenges. The Merkaz Millennials program provides classes, a healthy outlet for socializing, bonding, leadership and thoughtful mentoring.

Other Programs

  • Shaarei Binah: Women’s Reflection & Introspection Series
  • Eishes Chayil Workshop
  • Shabbos MevORCHIM Program
  • Reim Ahuvim Course for Couples
  • The POWERGROUP Collaborative
  • Merkaz La Brea
  • Parenting Teen Series
  • Men’s Marriage Mentoring Consortium - for the husbands!
  • Asei L’cha Rav Partnership
  • Merkaz Marriage & Motherhood Series

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